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User Experience focused Responsive Website Designs

With over 150,000 websites launched every day all over the world, it is crucial that you have a website that stands out from the rest. We at Wirefox have web designers who have over 20 years of experience in the industry so we know exactly what sort of website design that is required to attract your target audience.

User Experience is key when it comes to creating a good website. We at Wirefox have realized this perfectly and have the perfect process to create for you a website that will make your company website stand out from the competition. We initially talk with you to get a good idea as to what you want and what your target audience wants to see on your website. A team consisting of designers, back-end developers, SEO analysts and marketers will then get together use their local knowledge and expertise to come up with ideas on the kind of website you will need and then we will create some mock up designs for you to choose from. Once you give your approval we will move on to development

If you are selling products or services and E-commerce website is a crucial element for any company in this modern age.  It gives you an advantage to reach more customers and generate more sales. We are quite adept in creating unique e-commerce website designs and make sure that all websites we make are responsive and creates the same impact on customers regardless of the device they are using.

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Online Search Engine Optimization 

It is imperative that any website should be seach engine optimized for it to reach its full potential. You must rank highly in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo if you are to make sure you attract more viewers to your website. These days a majority of potential customers find what they need online using search engines. Our main focus is to generate relevant traffic to your website through online searches, this way you won’t have to invest money to generate PPC traffic for your website.
Optimized content, website structure and well defined on-page & off-page optimization methods are the key when it comes to having a well-optimized website. We will make sure that your website will have an edge over all your competitors and generate more leads without having to spend money on PPC advertising.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

In this modern age, with so many people using social media, it is absolutely essential for a company to have a social media presence. If you are an organization or company that sells on products and services, you will want to conduct marketing campaigns from time to time so it is a no-brainer that companies need to utilize social media marketing in order to promote their products and services.
Depending on your goal be it increased sales, brand awareness or increased customer engagement we can deliver it. We run audits to see where you can gain the most advantage; we develop a good strategy based on that data and then present to you the perfect social media marketing campaign for your business!

Leicester Outdoor Advertising Solutions

It may seem that outdoor advertising is irrelevant these days, but with over 98% of UK’s population still exposed to outdoor advertising on a daily basis, it still is a high impact form or marketing. We at Wirefox are quite aware of this and are capable of running a wide range of outdoor advertising campaigns for you.
From large static advert options such as billboards & Digital advertising screens to mobile advertising options such as buses to ad vans and ad bikes, we can give you a number of effective outdoor advertising options that will get you great results.

Web App Development for Mobile Devices

Mobile phones, or tablets or some other kind of mobile device is an essential part of people’s lives these days. Any people indulge in them because of the ease of use and bit by bit we are seeing the use of mobile apps slowly catching up to other online services, and that is all due to the increased use of mobile devices.
We are specialists in developing cutting edge cross platform mobile apps that can run on any mobile device. If you have a unique business idea we urge you to go for a mobile app because the potential of a web app to establish itself as a service provider is far greater than only just creating a website for you business.

Branding and Print Work in Leicester

You corporate brand is the most important thing when it comes to running a business. It is very hard to create a brand and brand awareness and it can all disappear in an instant as well. This is why, for any business, it’s important to have a good branding campaign. We at Wirefox are masters at creating brand new brands or at re-branding businesses.
From creating your initial logo to creating your business cards to creating huge billboard advertisements, we work on your brand having a synergy across all those platforms. We will create unique bespoke designs for all those instances and will help you create campaigns that will increase your brand awareness that will eventually lead to increasing business practices.

Leicester Website Design Services

We excel in providing custom solutions to each and every one of our clients. Every problem is unique and they all need their own custom solution. When we work with you we make it our job to learn all about your company and what you do and what your competitors do as well. This will enable us to get a pretty good idea of what you need and what we can do to come with the best web design solution for you. This is why Wirefox Digital Marketing Agency is the best option for you when you are looking for Web Design Services in Leicester.

E-commerce in the UK was worth 153 billion pounds in 2016; let us help you reach your potential market.

Based in the West Midlands ourselves, we understand the marketplace.

Working on local websites in Coventry specialising in ranking for the area.

Drive Enquiries

All our work is accountable; our SEO team ensure the sites that we work on drive enquiries. We have had outstanding results and ensure we are up to date with the latest learningu2019s and ensure we are one step ahead, which gives usu00a0the competitiveu00a0advantage to help you.u00a0Web Design Birmingham can be competitive. We are Wirefox is all about how we can help you expand and grow your business & sales.

Be Visible in Search Engines

Our team is passionate to drive your searches to be visible. Experts in this matter for the last fifteen years ensuring all Google checklists are followed and then spreading some of our own Wirefox magic dust to ensure you have the best optimisation. We use all our in house strategies, from social media, optimisation, content writing and off line campaigns to ensure we have the right formula for your unique business. We offer you the all that you look for in a web design company in Birmingham.

Direct Marketing

As well as your digital marketing we also work on your offline marketing. By working on both we provide a full package and ensure you have synergy across all platforms. u00a0Some of the best campaigns are ones that are heard onu00a0radio, in the paper, email campaigns oru00a0smsu00a0campaigns that then directly link to your website to create instant enquiries and purchase. Ouru00a0web designers are masters at pushing traffic to your websites.

We work with events and market promotions to ensure you always gain maximum exposure, foru00a0exampleu00a0Black Friday.

Content Writing/Blogs/Vlogs

The way we browse and interact with digital media is via all our senses. So our team of online marketers ensure we use the right medium for your business or industry.

A lot of mobile and tablet use, means we create a lot of vlogs for our clients with attentive and knowledgeable content that keep potential customers engaged.

Keeping your website up to date is crucial to its success, and our content writers are on hand to help you make the right impression

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