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Social Media Marketing Helps you engage with your audience.

”Grow your audience, increase engagement and ‘supercharge’ your digital marketing campaigns”

There are so many growing social media platforms. Start off with targeting those that mirror your customers. It’s important to remember that this is social media, so we have an opportunity to interact and grow relationships and build trust with customers and future customers.

The more customers engage with you the more likely they will buy your goods and services. You can plan organic-rich content, lives, create memorable artwork that will get your audience talking and sharing and creating the buzz you want around your brand.

Social media is one of the fastest-growing tools for digital marketing and has the capability to target demographics, locations, behaviours and influences that can get you closer to your desired buying audience. So many advertisers have online shops, create competitions or launch new products using various social platforms.

Expand Your Business Through Social Media

59% of the global population is active on social media, engaging on platforms right now. This provides a tremendous opportunity for you to connect with and target potential customers.

Submit your brief, and we’ll provide a tailored budget and timeline for your campaign.

Why Choose Wirefox as Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

With our passionate and socially engaged team, we excel in creating rich content, achieving goals, and maximizing exposure for your primary targeted customers.

The results speak for themselves – explore our case studies here for proof.

The power of social media in marketing

In the fast-paced world of technology, new ideas, apps, and social media platforms are constantly emerging. Take Facebook, for instance, evolving over 17 years to become a global hub with billions of users. Continuous redevelopment, such as the addition of video, live streaming, and messaging features, presents exciting opportunities for businesses to connect with potential customers.

Establishing a digital presence is essential for every business. With people increasingly turning to social platforms for news, product discovery, and education, having a strong online presence builds trust and engagement. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have revolutionized business profitability.

At Wirefox, we’ve successfully launched and grown numerous businesses by aligning social media pages with their target audiences, driving sales, and establishing new revenue streams. Let us audit your social media plan and unlock its full potential.

Online Marketing Experts
Knowledge & Expertise

For over two decades, we’ve been fervently aiding numerous businesses in their social media growth. We’ve guided clients on reallocating their ad spend from traditional above-the-line media like newspapers and yellow pages to more effective and measurable digital strategies.

Our team’s passion for social media extends beyond the workplace; they stay up to date with the latest promotions and developments, both professionally and personally. Through regular training sessions and direct access to account managers from major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, we ensure our strategies are always ahead of the curve.

Subscribed Audience
Expand Your Audience & Drive Engagement

In the vast realm of social media, with myriad groups, pages, and profiles, it’s crucial that your content resonates with your potential customers. Consistent messaging, whether organic or paid, builds trust, engagement, and ultimately drives sales and profits. By growing your online community, you amplify conversations and referral rates to your business, a feat Wirefox consistently achieves for our clients.

Our social media experts specialize in crafting compelling content and leveraging the power of video to maximize exposure and deliver results. Wirefox stands as Birmingham’s premier choice for online marketing.


Consider this: how many hours a day does your potential audience spend on their mobile, tablet, or desktop? From the moment they wake up, many individuals check their social media and direct messages, continuing to do so multiple times throughout the day until bedtime. Social media has become an integral part of our daily routines, presenting an ideal opportunity for brands to engage with their potential customers. On average, people spend approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes per day on social networks and messaging—an ever-increasing figure.

Mobile devices reign supreme as the primary social platform. The number of users accessing social platforms via mobile has surged, with these devices now holding a 13 percentage-point lead over computers.

To effectively connect with the right audience and customers, it’s crucial to explore various social media options. While we don’t advocate using every platform, selecting the right ones tailored to your business and targeted potential customers is key. Leveraging social media marketing in Birmingham becomes even more critical due to its vast reach and large pool of potential customers.

  • Facebook now has almost 56 million users in the United Kingdom as of January 2024​
  • Globally, Facebook’s monthly active users (MAUs) have reached 3.049 billion, with a 3.08% increase in MAUs year-over-year. Daily active users (DAUs) are now at 2.085 billion on average, showing a 5.09% DAUs increase year-over-year​
  • Engagement dynamics on Facebook have evolved. The median engagement rate on Facebook is 0.063% across all industries, placing it among the less engaging platforms compared to others like Instagram. However, Facebook continues to generate the highest return on investment (ROI) among all other social media platforms, tied only with Instagram at 29%. This highlights its effectiveness for marketing, especially given its extensive targeting capabilities​​.
  • The advertising landscape on Facebook also presents valuable insights. Facebook ads have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.50% for lead gen ads and 1.51% for traffic ads. The average cost per click (CPC) is $0.83 for traffic ads and $1.92 for lead gen ads. Remarkably, the average conversion rate for ads on Facebook is about 8.25% across industries, reinforcing its potential for high marketing performance​.
  • Video content remains a significant engagement driver on Facebook, with users spending 50% of their time watching videos. Specifically, vertical videos with audio see a 35% higher click-through rate compared to other video types​.
  • As for the features usage, more than 500 million people use Facebook Stories daily, and nearly 1 billion users are on Facebook Messenger. Reels have hit 200 billion views per day across Facebook apps, indicating the growing popularity of short-form video content​.

These statistics not only provide a current snapshot of Facebook’s reach and engagement but also offer strategic insights for businesses looking to leverage Facebook for marketing, content strategy, and customer engagement in 2024.

The first thing we discuss with you is ‘what are your goals?’ Do you want to increase sales, increase brand awareness, trust, reputation, engagement or likes?

When we know what you want to achieve we can decide on the best strategy to engage and connect with your existing and new customers and create some ATTENTION for them to carry on following you or contact you.

A social media strategy in today’s marketplace is crucial!

Our GOLDEN RULE here is we are not SELLING via social media. We are listening to your customers and learning what they like and creating loyalty with your brand. We need to use authentic content and appreciate this can be difficult for you, so let our experienced content writers produce quality posts for you.

As well as organically writing posts for you we also advertise on the Social Media platforms that we feel will work best for your goal, targeted audience and business.

We can boost videos, call to actions, recruitment, engagement, reach or brand awareness? We target locations and customer profiles to ensure we are reaching the right audience. The benefits of Social Media is accountability, after campaigns, we monitor insights and results showing us the numbers/reach/engagement performed.

Maximize your Social Media Marketing in Birmingham

What is the ROI on using Social Media? We have managed and launched businesses that only use Social Media platforms to sell products and services. The majority of online buying is now done on mobiles, so let’s help you reach these potential customers in a measurable way.

This is how we work:

We run an audit to determine your social landscape and research your competitor’s activity – what’s working for them? Where do the opportunities lie? – Alongside profiling your audience and determining how they behave.
We then develop your strategy. Posting on social media is a fairly easy task, but doing it well involves careful thought. We plan the optimal way to reach your audience including the what, when and where, so your fan base grows, engages and converts.
Lastly, we create and curate content. We build and manage content calendars and creative campaigns to generate buzz around your brand, stating the concept, rationale and how to execute it to maximise effectiveness. Imagery, videos, blogs, polls, competitions have a mixed role in this.
Leading social media marketing experts we’re constantly monitoring and analysing, spotting opportunities to optimise our posts and campaigns.

Most importantly we are passionate about Social Media and giving your brand the chance to engage with your customers and build long terms relationships creatively.

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Each member of our social media team is assigned businesses they’re passionate about. We match businesses/pages with suitable staff members, ensuring a direct line of contact for you. We maintain frequent communication to keep your audience updated with the latest news, deals, and tips, fostering engagement with followers.

We also offer on-site visits to capture fresh photo content, provide training on video creation and live streaming, or conduct these tasks for you.


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