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Over 150,000 websites are launched daily. So why should yours get noticed. With 20+ years experience our interactive designers will understand how your target audience will want to browse and what is important to them to offer them the best online experience.

Firstly we sit down with you and take a full brief of what you want to achieve and what you want your target customer to feel. Our team of designers, developers, SEO experts and online marketers will then brainstorm ideas using your branding, brief and local market place knowledge. Then our interactive designer will create some top line static screen shots to present to you.

The first 7 seconds are crucial for browsers to decide if they want to carry on investing time 
on your website, so we need to make sure we get it right. As well as a unique design, we need to ensure that it is responsive and creates the same impact on any device.

Web Design Birmingham

Web Development Solutions

We use the best platforms and technology needed, dependent on if you want an ecommerce website, web application or mobile application. We design a unique user engaged website firstly and then decide on the right technology required for development. Our Bespoke Web Designs make your websites stand out from the crowd.

One of the first questions to a novice maybe, but what is development? It is coding, scripting and programming for creating a website. The trends and technologies can change week to week so we ensure our developing team are always learning up to speed with the latest new technology, trends and developments.


Just like a shop window, we ensure our experts in design, develop a user-friendly online shopping channel with easy steps that attract buyers to find out more which leads them to purchase. Approximately 87% of U.K. consumers bought online in the last 12 months. We can help you increase sales and keeping you one step ahead of your competitors. 

It is important to remember omnichannel shopping, this is where customers want to come into your shop and also shop online, the two work hand in hand together.

93% of online shoppers also shop in-store.

When E-Commerce is discussed, everyone thinks of BLACK FRIDAY. Leading up to this, is an extremely busy time for us where we are tweaking and adding to websites to ensure they digitally market themselves in advance and take their market share of revenue.

Sigma’s latest report (a user experience agency) show us that purchases made on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018 gave the British retail sector an impressive £7 billion pound cash injection. The majority of these sales came from online purchases. 2018 growth on online sales was 30% higher to last year.

Let us help your business prepare your website for the future.

Website Design Services

Every client we work with is an extension of our business. We learn as much about your business and your competitors and then make sure we use all our tools, from interactive design, development, SEO, social media, online marketing, content writing, blogs, vlogs to make sure you achieve the best results. When it comes to Web Design Birmingham, there is no better place to consult other than Wirefox Digital Marketing Agency.

E-commerce in the UK was worth 153 billion pounds in 2016; let us help you reach your potential market.

Based in the West Midlands ourselves, we understand the marketplace.

Working on local websites in Coventry specialising in ranking for the area.

Drive Enquiries

All our work is accountable; our SEO team ensure the sites that we work on drive enquiries. We have had outstanding results and ensure we are up to date with the latest learning’s and ensure we are one step ahead, which gives us the competitive advantage to help you. Web Design Birmingham can be competitive. We are Wirefox is all about how we can help you expand and grow your business & sales.

Be Visible in Search Engines

Our team is passionate to drive your searches to be visible. Experts in this matter for the last fifteen years ensuring all Google checklists are followed and then spreading some of our own Wirefox magic dust to ensure you have the best optimisation. We use all our in house strategies, from social media, optimisation, content writing and off line campaigns to ensure we have the right formula for your unique business. We offer you the all that you look for in a web design company in Birmingham.

Direct Marketing

As well as your digital marketing we also work on your offline marketing. By working on both we provide a full package and ensure you have synergy across all platforms.  Some of the best campaigns are ones that are heard on radio, in the paper, email campaigns or sms campaigns that then directly link to your website to create instant enquiries and purchase. Our web designers are masters at pushing traffic to your websites.

We work with events and market promotions to ensure you always gain maximum exposure, for example Black Friday.

Content Writing/Blogs/Vlogs

The way we browse and interact with digital media is via all our senses. So our team of online marketers ensure we use the right medium for your business or industry.

A lot of mobile and tablet use, means we create a lot of vlogs for our clients with attentive and knowledgeable content that keep potential customers engaged.

Keeping your website up to date is crucial to its success, and our content writers are on hand to help you make the right impression

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