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Wirefox is a Digital Marketing Agency who specialise in Web Design, Development, Print, Design & Imaginative Marketing Solutions.

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We are Wirefox, a Design and digital marketing agency, helping companies grow better.

Wirefox has been running for over 10 years and in the team, we have many years of experience between us all. Our number one goal is to help you grow your business and our motto has always been the same since day one ‘We succeed if you succeed’.

Sam Hettige and Raj Kaur are the directors of the business. Sam is known as the ‘IT Geek’ and Google is his god. He lives breaths and sleeps all the latest digital developments and makes sure our team is one step ahead with, all the latest technologies and SEO methods.

His main passion is in interactive designing, he spends hours making sure every project is more than just right, making sure every little detail is perfected.

Raj is in charge of Social Media and Business development. She originally trained as a lawyer but then changed fields after she did her CIM and worked in London for over a decade in marketing departments for Talksport Radio, Atlantic 252 Radio, Viacom Outdoor, Maiden Outdoor and then locally for Trent FM, Touch Radio and Century 106FM. She then went on to become a European Marketing trainer and worked across the whole of the U.K, Belgium, Spain and Helsinki.

She is passionate to make every digital strategy stand out from all the others and SUCCEED. Whilst dealing with clients she ensures we speak in ‘English’ and not use ‘techie’ layman’s terms so everyone understands exactly what we are doing and how to achieve it.

The two directors launched Wirefox and hired a group of fun loving passionate and dedicated team members that all work towards our company ethos: – ‘We succeed if you succeed’.


Learn about our brand, design and digital marketing services and see what we offer to help businesses grow without huge investments.


We have had clients that joined us from day one and are still with us and so much of our work comes from referrals which is a great testament for us.

To start with we want to sit down and learn everything about your business environment, both internally and externally so we can see where we can add value and help grow and develop new ideas. We are an arm of your business and ultimately every time you grow so do we!

Our teams are split into specific areas, from SEO, Design, Social Media, Development, Outdoor Advertising, Content Writing, New Business and Research but we ensure every brainstorm on a client brief, involves a member from each department to ensure we have a selection of ideas from all areas and ultimately the best results.

If you are looking for a digital team that care about what they do and want the best strategies for your business and are always learning, learning and learning, even more, to know what the latest digital developments are, then please get in touch.   


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