Social Media Advertising

Over the last 10 years, Social Media Advertising has grown as we as humans use our mobiles and tablets more than ever before. We have been creating, planning, advertising and executing social media content for over 9 years to create the right exposure.

We are creating conversations with your followers and gaining trust and brand loyalty.

By looking at all aspects of your marketing, from you’re above line traditional advertising, branding, POS, internal marketing we then ensure there is synergy within everything you do and the same messages are delivered and they all start working harder and performing more efficiently. We can post a call to action on your Facebook page and link it straight to a product to buy on your website.

Alternatively we can send a sms campaign out and place a short link in the campaign to be directed to a Facebook/Instagram post.

We use competitions, and videos to engage and get followers to like, share and comment on posts this alongside adverting on a social media platforms brings some big results for clients and creates more footfall into stores or traffic on websites.

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