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DIGITAL Marketing AGENCY based in Birmingham, UK


A leading web design company in Birmingham, who focus on delivering quality web design and digital marketing services in Birmingham, Coventry and the West Midlands. Providing digital marketing services giving our clients impressive, functional and user-friendly websites that get found by customers.

Delivering digital experiences

Website Design and Development

We have been implementing Web Design, SEO and Digital Marketing services, for over 20+ years and we take your business needs from ideas to reality.

We at Wirefox are

Experts in Responsive Web Design

Today’s browsers want information on the go. We ensure your website is responsive and impactful on whatever tablet or mobile it is displayed on.

A website is not responsive just because it fits your screen!! Your target audience, browses in different ways dependent on what devices they use and expect a different user experience. We ensure browsers can easily navigate and read the content without pulling or pinching their screen no matter what device they are using.

outdoor advertising agency

Advertising UK

There are so many unique advertising opportunities that will suit your specific needs and goals. Wirefox will audit your current media plan and then plan a cost effective targeted solution that is results driven.

SEO Specialists

Grow Your Organic Search

The design and functionality is important but without pitching your website to your targeted audience it’s useless, with our digital marketing and SEO services we ensure your website is found by your targeted audience.

Experts in search engine optimization (SEO) so your website is shown to potential customers. 

Results Driven

Digital Marketing Agency in Birmingham

Whether we work with you on Online Marketing, Social Media, E-commerce, Web design or SEO, the first question we ask you is ‘What do you want to achieve?’ and that is what we work towards.

Be Visible in Search Engines.

We optimize your website with our team of expert digital marketers that are always learning the latest up to date skills. Technology and optimization are an ongoing evolving changing arena.

By staying up to date with latest digital marketing trends we ensure all the advice and practice we learn is undertaken on your website. Providing accountability and results with our SEO services via data analytics and reports showing the positive changes we have made to your ranking.

Create the Right Perception.

First Impressions are made on a first date, the same goes for your website. Create the right impression, with  kudos and trust as your website is your High Street spot on the World Wide Web.

Our digital marketing team works with our web designers to ensure we create the right reaction that drives results. We have 7 seconds for browsers to decide if they want to carry on investing time on your website, so it’s important we get it right.

Outdoor Advertising.

We are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day (across all media)

Outdoor advertising is one of the largest growing mediums and is seen by 98% of the UK’s population every week.  We drive past billboards, sit at bus shelters and commute on tubes and trams whilst being exposed to all these messages. 

Outdoor advertising partners well with websites and mobile advertising. The latest Bluetooth technologies create interactive campaigns using mobiles and websites forming outstanding digital campaigns.

Ecommerce Websites.

Our bespoke online shops are easy to navigate, fast and well laid out to increase sales where you can sell your products/services to a wider area than just Birmingham and Coventry.

E-commerce in the UK was worth 153 billion pounds in 2016. Just like a shop window, we ensure our experts in web design; create a user-friendly online shopping channel with easy steps that attract your potential buyers. Approximately 87% of U.K. consumers bought online in the last 12 months.

Clients & Brands

Some of our forward thinking clients we have worked with over the years



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