What Makes A Good Website?

Online shopping has become a central part of daily life for millions across the UK. With internet speeds
improving, fast mobile data coverage extending across the country and websites becoming more
feature-rich, eCommerce websites are quickly taking up more and more market share from
traditional brick and mortar retail stores

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2018 one in every five pounds spent in UK retailers
was online.

With so many people now going online to purchase goods, if your eCommerce website isn’t up to
scratch, you could be missing out on a lot of business.

To help improve your eCommerce site, eSterling have put together four steps to get your
eCommerce performing better and generating more sales.

Create an Easy User Journey

what they want. Sites that have an easy to follow structure, clearly displayed information and simple
payment and checkout process are much more likely to convert site visits into sales.

Your products should be grouped into easily identifiable categories and subcategories with a simple
navigation that allows your users to quickly see the next steps they can take. Design and functionality
should blend together to promote uncomplicated navigation through the site.

Users also expect clearly displayed pricing, shipping cost, estimated delivery dates and returns, so all
eCommerce sites need to make this information easy to find. To further support customers, offer
uncomplicated ways for them to contact you if they can’t find the information they need.

Multiple steps in the checkout process will cause users to abandon their purchases. Anything that can
be done to simplify this process down as much as possible will reduce cart abandonment and ensure
that your site is converting to its full potential.

If you need help creating a seamless user journey, eSterling have over 40 years of combined
commercial experience in web design – our team of designers & developers are experts at combining
stunning aesthetics with simple usability, allowing users to navigate eCommerce sites effortlessly.

Focus on Product Pages

When eCommerce sites have hundreds of products for sale, optimising each and every product pages
can often seem like a gargantuan task. However, neglecting this will damage your chances to succeed
in the online marketplace.

Creating successful product pages is centered around communicating as much information as you
can about the product in the most concise way possible.

Product descriptions should be clear and engaging, including what your product is, what it does and
why it’s better than your competitor’s products. Any important info about product specifications
should also be prominent so customers will feel confident they have found the right product for them.

Good photography is equally important – when searching the internet for goods, consumers will often
scan the page rather than take in every detail. The first thing customers will see is the product image so
high quality and correctly sized imagery is imperative to converting more sales.

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