Everyone who leaves their home is exposed to outdoor advertising

Outdoor Advertising

We are specialists in out of home digital advertising and have worked with many contractors to create some fantastic digital results for our clients.

Outdoor advertising is seen by 98% of the UK’s population every week

Outdoor Advertising Birmingham

Some of the opportunities available

Mobile Outdoor Advertising

Ad vans – these can be static or digital designs on ad vans that park in one location or move around to various locations. 

Back Lit Vans – these have 24 hour exposure so are also seen in the dark.

Adbikes – smaller than advans, but can get into busy High Streets and near point of sale.

Ad Walkers – An ad walker has a 6 sheet board placed on them and they can also distribute leaflets. A great piece of work we did is where mobile users with blue tooth interacted digitally with the 6 sheet poster the ad walker was displaying and had a leaflet sent to them on their mobiles via scanning a bar code on the poster.

Iconic Digital 48 sheet Screen sites

These 48 sheets stand out and are in main iconic areas with lots of traffic or footfall. They can be static sheets or rotating where you share the space with other advertisers.

Airport Advertising

Whichever UK airport you are interested to target we can find the right exposure for you. Seasonality had a big part to play. Targeting the summer holiday period for Families, advertising on buses connected to hotel pickups for business travellers.  There are a multitude of opportunities that we can discuss with you.

Gym/Sports Centre Advertising

If you want to target the sporty fitness conscious audience we can brand the entrance of a gym, or digitally advertise on the screens on machines or wrap weights or turn tables.  Let us know your goal and we can advise you of the best solution.

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising reaches over 48 million people over a typical two-week period. We can advertise on the outside of the bus, or in the inside, or fully wrap a bus. The right impactful design will stand out, targeting those that are walking and those in cars. We now have digital buses that use LED screens so are seen on dark evenings

When it comes to Outdoor Advertising Birmingham Wirefox should be your No.1 choice!

Outdoor Advertising Birmingham


We know your local audience 

Outdoor Advertising in Birmingham depends on one main factor and that is audience. targeting the right audience will get you more results and faster.

DX3/D6 Digital screens

Digital Screens across zone 1 London underground stations. They capture the audience as they have moving creative designs and draw attention.

Shopping Malls/Supermarkets

There are so many options we can target here, dependent on your goal, from 48/6 sheet posters, to handing out leaflets to digital displays.

Bus Stops

Digital interactive screens at bus stops or 6 static sheet posters

The opportunities are endless for digital outdoor media and their are new contactors and locations launching every day. It is all about innovation and customer connectivity. We can find a way to target your audience when they are on the go and will be enticed by attention grabbing digital designs.

At Wirefox,  once we have  find the best outdoor location for you, we then start the second process which is designing the best creative to create impact and achieve the right results.

With the right location and the right design targeted to create an impression to your targeted audience we will have the perfect outdoor solution.

"The average UK adult spends over 3 hrs a day out and about"

To find out how we can help your business, call us today on 0845 544 2655 or email hello@wirefox.co.uk

Out Of Home Campaigns

We are experts in outdoor campaigns, working with our planning and design team we will ensure your message is noticed and exposed to the right audience. 

We have a mix of solutions and opportunities but it is a not a one size fits all strategy.  We will provide you a tailor made plan for your individual business needs.

Brief Taking

We take a full brief of what you want to achieve, Who your target audience is, how you want them to respond, what your expectations are and what your budget is.

We then brainstorm with our team and come up with some ideas for you.

Promo Staff & Leafleting

With outdoor advertising, you may associate that with banners, posters, bus shelters, bus advertising.

We also have promotion teams that make your campaign go one step further. They can engage with your customers, hand out leaflets, get data for competitions and future products.

Our promotions team will be an arm of your company for that period, introducing you and representing you in a professional energetic manner. This is a great way to get feedback from your customers and get branding and good will increased for businesses.

Outdoor Advertising in Birmingham is not a cakewalk, but with the right company and the right strategy you can get some amazing results.

Outdoor advertising is affordable

It is a medium that has the capacity to reach vast numbers quickly if you have the right creative and design.

When taking your brief we will ask you what your ball park budget is so we know which outdoor formats will be best.

Some smaller businesses think they cannot afford outdoor advertising, the average cost of a outdoor poster/billboard that is a standard 48 sheet paper and paste poster is around £200 per week.

An ad on the side of a bus stop on a busy high street could cost around £300 for two weeks’ exposure.

Marketing Consultancy

Our advertising marketing consultancy service offers businesses expert marketing communications planning across all media channels and includes consulting across creative development and production, including digital and web marketing.


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