Identify Your Target Audience

This is crucial for your SEO to be successful and to gain maximum results; working with you we’ll identify who your business should be targeting, and how to reach them. We can then tailor your on-page optimisation and content marketing strategies to generate traffic that will convert.

How Can You Define Your Target Audience? 

We want you to target your audience but not make it to specific where it is then a niche market.

When you set up or took over your business, who did you think the products/services would benefit?

How are your closest competitors targeting their customers?  The market is always evolving so make sure you check on Google and social media to see who the latest competition is.

What do customers stand to gain from choosing us (instead of a competitor)? What features do you offer that no one else does? Is there something you can do better than anyone else?

What are your target audience’s demographics? Who has a need for your product or service, but also who is most likely to buy it. These core elements will help create strategy.


Consider the psychographics of your target audience – personal characteristics


By understanding the personal traits we can try and predict how your potential customers will react to potential and present marketing methods.

How does your target audience engage socially online?  A great place to read your customers’ minds, social media is the closest you will get.

This concept is known as social listening. What are your followers saying about your business/brand, your competitors, and topics relevant to your business?

You can even identify trends in your audience’s interests and problems.

Are your customers more active on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? This will give a great understanding of their age and background.

Instead of asking your audience questions, you can listen to their social conversations and determine what type of content will be the most valuable and relevant to them.

Where is your target audience “hanging out” online? A younger audience will be more likely to hang out on Instagram, while an older audience will be more likely to hang out on Facebook. You can also identify if there are fan sites or forums centred around products or services similar to yours.

It is really important to gain some answers and understand your target market., it helps to understand the format, level and style of content needed for us to work on your SEO straetegy.

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