Top 16 Most Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips

  • Site Structure & Layout
  • The Main Content should be Clear and Precise
  • Don’t insert ads above the fold
  • Keep the navigation clear
  • Have a Content hierarchy
  • Keep paid & affiliates links as nofollow
  • Make sure the URLs are SEO friendly
  • Contact info should always be visible
  • Have an about page & privacy policy


  • Apply Keyword Research
  • Be Smart when choosing keywords
  • Keep only one main keyword per page
  • Search Google to see if there is title competition
  • Steal competitor’s keywords
  • Monitor your Click-through Rate


  • Page Title Tags
  • Always have your keyword at the front
  • Add brand at the end
  • It should always be Clickable
  • Make sure not to repeat keywords
  • Avoid truncation
  • Title Tag Formula
  • Keep it under 50-60 characters


  • Page Meta Descriptions
  • Make it short & focused
  • Include main focus keyword as soon as possible
  • Avoid truncation
  • Keep it under 150-160 characters


  • Content Header Tags
  • Always have a unique H1 tag on each page
  • Insert the focus keyword in the H1
  • Insert LSI keywords into the H2 & H3 tags
  • Don’t use header tags in layout


  • Page Main Content
  • Always have the focus keyword in the first paragraph
  • Use LSI keywords as much as possible
  • Don’t think too much about keyword density
  • Long content correlates with higher rankings
  • Add many internal & external links as possible
  • Concentrate on quality over quantity
  • Set up rich snippets/ structured data


  • User Experience
  • Use “scrollmaps” software
  • Use “Heatmaps” tracking
  • Minimize pop-ups
  • Try to decrease bounce rate as much as possible
  • Don’t use interstitial ads
  • Optimize the site for mobile devices
  • Setup friendly 404 pages
  • Implement SSL security


  • Google Search Console
  • Check for pages with higher impressions and search ranks just above 10
  • Overhaul such websites to boost rankings
  • Keep an eye out for crawl errors for both desktop/smartphone
  • Insert a sitemap.xml to help Google track all your pages


  • Using Google Analytics
  • Monitor Landing Pages
  • Monitor Exit Pages
  • Monitor Traffic Changes
  • Monitor Bounce Rate


  • Optimizing Site Speed
  • Use Google Page Speed Insights to optimize loading times for both mobiles & desktops


  • Image Optimization
  • Compress Image sizes and use web-friendly formats
  • Add relevant “Alt text”
  • Use Descriptive image file names


  • Intelligent Link Building
  • Build links from High Domain Authority sites
  • Add Links within the content itself
  • Make sure your link & anchor texts have decent variations
  • Check out Competitor’s backlinks


  • Social Media Presence
  • Create Accounts on all major SM channels
  • Be active on Social Media and engage customer
  • Set up rich pins in website
  • Setup twitter Card
  • Encourage sharing of your content


  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Keep an eye out for traffic drops
  • Remove thin content
  • Remove bad links
  • Disavow links
  • Be vary of hacks/ inserted links
  • File a reconsideration request


  • Content Promotion & marketing
  • Do content research
  • Find popular content in your niche and improve/update it
  • Include more sharable assets such as infographics
  • Conduct Email Outreach campaigns
  • Share content from others


  • General SEO Tips
  • Keep learning about new trends
  • Pay attention to updates from “search engine land”
  • Be patient about getting results
  • Avoid Shady tactics/ Black hat methods
  • Don’t spam customers with ads and notices


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