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Specialists in out of home digital advertising and work with many contractors to create some fantastic digital results for our clients.
We have helped drive brand awareness, brand relevance and an increase in online sales for businesses. As we understand your business so well and being so close to your goals and customer segments, once we have launched your website and planned your digital marketing we can then encompass this within traditional marketing like outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is a medium that has the capacity to reach vast numbers quickly with the right creativity and design. Ensuring these designs mirror your digital marketing and website will make the overall strategy work even harder.

Having worked with many contractors for over 20 years we ensure you have the best agency deals and value for your budget.

Some smaller businesses think they cannot afford outdoor advertising, by using Wirefox to buy their outdoor media you then have our bulk buying rates to make it more affordable.
Transport Advertising
Bus advertising
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Transport Advertising

We all spend an amount of time outdoors and in big cities more so via using public transport. This gives brands an opportunity to visually advertise effectively during 'dead time'. Commuters are much more open to distractions and external messages. Bus advertising, bus-stops, taxi advertising, trains, airports, escalators, trams are great environments to target potential customers.
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Billboard Advertising In Birmingham

There are some great locations across the West Midlands for your Brand to be noticed. A great variety of shapes and sizes for you to stand out. You have the options of large portraits, Back lits billboards that are static or scrolling, interactive digital shared screens.

Our Wirefox outdoor advertising team are experts in all the best outdoor opportunities across all platforms and contractors, which takes out all the hard work and saves time for your business researching options. We take time to understand your brief and provide you with the best overall solution to fulfil your goal within the best value budget.
Billboard Advertising Birmingham
Radio Advertising birmingham
integrated advertising

Digital Radio
& Audio

Bespoke live radio and on-demand listening, give advertisers the opportunity to fine-tune lifestyle targeting with dynamic advertising. Listening to a podcast, or radio station that connects to online content where you then click through to more information on a website brings these two mediums together and gives brands a wider scope to become creative.

billboards and buses, we tailor your outdoor advertising to get the best results.

Why is Digital Marketing and Outdoor Media successful in the West Midlands?

Firstly Birmingham is the second-largest city outside of London. We also have cities such as Coventry and Solihull with high population. Having a multi-platform marketing strategy were using digital campaigns we target make campaigns on social media, websites and Bluetooth and then these are supported and synergised by various outdoor advertising platforms.

An example of this could be browsing your mobile phone as a passenger in a car or on a walk or on a bus or train and an advert pops up or a review or website and then it can be reiterated by a billboard or bus signage. Outdoor advertising is very up to date where you can now via Bluetooth download content and images and offers by using your scan feature on your device and a poster. A great way of using digital and outdoor simultaneously.

We can plan maximum exposure for you at the right time, the right place and to the right audience.

Traditional and Digital Media Working Together

The synergy of two prominent and successful mediums will give your marketing a good chance of succeeding. It's similar to a 360-degree element of brand exposure. We can market your business to potential customers indoors and outdoors hence your products and business will be most likely remembered and follow through with sales.

We know your local audience

Outdoor Advertising depends on one main factor and that is the audience. targeting the right audience will get you more results and faster.

DX3/D6 Digital screens

Digital Screens across zone 1 London underground stations. They capture the audience as they have moving creative designs and draw attention.

Shopping Malls/Supermarkets

There are so many options we can target here, dependent on your goal, from 48/6 sheet posters to handing out leaflets to digital displays.

Bus Stops

Digital interactive screens at bus stops or 6 static sheet posters

The opportunities are endless for digital outdoor media and there are new contactors and locations launching every day. It is all about innovation and customer connectivity. We can find a way to target your audience when they are on the go and will be enticed by attention-grabbing digital designs.

At Wirefox, once we have found the best outdoor location for you, we then start the second process which is designing the best creative to create impact and achieve the right results.

With the right location and the right design targeted to create an impression to your targeted audience, we will have the perfect outdoor solution.

Promo Staff & Leafleting

We also have promotion teams that make your campaigns go one step further. They can engage with your customers, hand out leaflets, get data for competitions and future products.

Our promotions team will be an arm of your company for that period, introducing you and representing you in a professional energetic manner. This is a great way to get feedback from your customers and get branding and goodwill increased for businesses.

Outdoor Advertising with the right company and the right strategy will get you some amazing results.


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