E-Commerce Websites

Your competitors all have online businesses and you currently have a eCommerce website or are thinking of launching one, so what makes your model unique?  Customer experience.

What products and unique offerings do you supply that your competitors don’t? What variety, colours and taylorisation do you have?

We need to ensure your customers have the best possible experience when using your website. Easy steps, accessible, directed to the right page without them inputting laborious customer details.   Wirefox design and create your website based on ‘customer journeys’, what page will your potential customer land on? what will be the next step? by learning and routing these journeys, we create the best customer experience to ensure your E-commerce website stands out from your competitors and that you provide differentiation and a reason for customers to purchase from you.

Asses your Target Market…Your customers are very savvy, take Millennial’s. ‘Millennial’s’ refers to consumers aged between 16 and 34. They are technically savvy and aware of how processes and eCommerce should function effectively. They are worth a lot of money and if not your customers today they will be your future customers. They prefer to engage and build relationships with brands, via customer experience. We can help you with this by using the right social media tools to target this group and direct them to visit your E-Commerce website.

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