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This is when our creative team get excited to launch or rebrand businesses. Everything from your business card, letter head, leaflet, banners, brochures, prospectuses, info graphics, stationary and signature is a face of your business. All elements should create synergy and stand out to create the right memorable impression.

We work on digital and print based designs ensuring they have the desired effect. From brainstorming impactful stand out designs, we then print your literature with cost effective rates and can arrange delivery.

Branding Agency Birmingham


Creating brands to inspire business.

You may have your summer sale, or a new line of product in store, 20 year birthday, we can help ensure your brand is illustrated in the most effective way to create the response you require.

We analyse your target market and look at what themes, colours, modes and lifestyles they adhered to, with this information we create ideas with a purpose and affiliation so you achieve results.

Great Brands Connect Your Business with Your Ideal Customers

Your brand needs to show the world who you are and resonate with your audience. They are built around the vision, value and ethos of their business and provide a basis for everything else.

Our questions to you , before we start designing will be :-

Why are you doing what you do?

What do you want to achieve?

What do you want your customers/audience to do?

Who is your audience?

Who do you want your audience to be?

Our brand specialists and creative designers begin by clearly understanding what you want to achieve. What results do you want to achieve from this artwork?  From here we can then start brainstorming. We create a few mock designs that we present to our in-house team to gauge feedback ton emotions and impressions, then we present them to a client before anything goes to print. There is a reason why Wirefox is the No.1 Branding Agency Birmingham.

Print Work

If you require a total rebrand or a logo for a new product launch, however big or small the project is we will give your project the same valued committed dedication and passion and creativity that we have with all our work.

Our interactive creative design experts will take your brief and make it into a reality.

Our design team have over 20 years experience, and we don’t leave any detail unlooked. The perfectionist and professionalism of our creative team are experts in knowing exactly what is needed and we will guide you through the process.

The creative agency for business

Bored of seeing the same design templates used again and again, contact us for some bespoke unforgettable designs that will create trust and kudos for your business.

A Creative Branding Agency That Connects You From Concept to Completion –  we create designs across a range of products:

Brand creation and development
Logo design
Promotional literature
Plasma screens
Info GraphicsC

Discover Your Ideal Customer

To create the right brand and artwork it is crucial we know who you are trying to target and what you want them to do or feel after seeing your designs.

We can help you devise a customer story board so we know demographics, lifestyles, emotions and moods associated to that segment.

Our clients benefit from Ideal Customer Personas which shape their brand from its design to its messaging and marketing.

Design that Connects

Creative design is the key to successful communication and synergy is key across everything that represents your brand. We will analyse that everything is in sync from your logo, print work, email signature, newspaper campaigns, leaflets, social media and website.
We offer the best you can get from a Branding Agency in Birmingham.

Logos, Flyers, Brochures

This is where our flair of creativity and passion is alive, our experts will look at every little detail to create beautiful design solutions that create standout and help grow your business.

Let us know the feeling and vision you want to create and we will take it from there and design your business graphics. They will be guaranteed to be unique and make a lasting impression.

Understanding the Goal

What is it that you want to achieve? What response do you want from the audience? What action do you want them to follow? We will firstly learn about your business, understand your customers likes and dislikes, discuss your industry and take a full brief of what you want to achieve.

We ensure your design wink has synergy amongst all your media and brand designs. They must flow with the same message and tone.

Creating the designs

It is all about stand out, being remembered and engaging with the audience. With all this in mind we ensure reputation management is also crucial for success.

We have the latest technologies to create unique designs across any material that you want printed.

The scales for your business cards will be different to banners so our interactive designers understand how audiences perceive messages and will create artwork that delivers.

Proofing Designs

You will always have the final say and clear all designs but it is important to remember that design is subjective and our designers have over 30 years of experience in getting it right.  If we have had a complete detailed brief from the off start then we will get it right and you will be impressed with our top line ideas. This is why Wirefox is the best Branding Agency in Birmingham.


Once you have signed off our designs we then organise print. We will project manage all this ensuring the right size and the right quality is selected for your campaigns. Once the print work is completed we will check everything is correct before it is delivered to you.

You will own all your designs and we will send you a hard copy of all the designs so you can use them in the future if required.

Clients & Brands

Here are just a few of our forward thinking clients we have worked with over the years



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