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We are specialists in mobile app design, bringing new, creative and unique ideas to life that look great fulfilling our passion and flair. Our team at Wirefox love sitting down with a client and brainstorming unique ideas with creative futuristic apps. Technology and usability is so much more advanced compared to a few years ago and features in apps are now incredible and keep users even more engaged. It is so rewarding to see the initial brief turn into a developed app that people love to use.

We have worked with a vast amount of industries from informative apps, educational, games for children to apps for business and new start-ups.

What are Web App Developments?

What is the difference between a web application and a website? A website provides much more details whilst an app has less information so usability and functionality is improved. Web apps load in browsers and mobile apps are downloaded from app stores. Web apps also don’t take up storage on a user’s device.

Web applications are hosted on web browsers; they really are an extension of your website. They are not installed to a home screen; they are accessed via a web view.  They are fairly easy to build, easy to maintain and an inexpensive option; however, they require internet, are much slower than native apps, and can’t take advantage of device services. Web apps are also much less interactive and immediate than native apps.

Native App/Mobile App Development

Native apps are bespoke, creative and unique and built for specific platforms. They are extremely fast and responsive, and distributed in app stores for browsers to download.

No internet connection is required and they users can interact with the app straight away. Overall, native apps offer a better user experience but are more expensive to develop.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid applications are a mixture of native and web apps. A hybrid app consists of two parts: the first is the back-end code, and the second is a native shell that is downloadable and loads the code using a web view. By mixing the two it can be a cost effective option. The advantage is they don’t need a internet connection. The disadvantages are they are slower than native applications (this downplays these apps) and you cannot customize them.

The most important part of any of these applications is the user experience. If the user is not happy with their journey on the app, they will not come back and use it again and it defeats the purpose of an app. When we agree on client goals we brainstorm a expected customer journey of usage on the application to ensure they  are happy with the experience and keep coming back to use it.

Design and usability are balanced to ensure the application is user friendly and used again and again.

What are Mobile Applications?

Technology is constantly evolving and so our developers must ensure we keep on top of the latest changes and technologies to ensure you get the best results on your applications. Mobile usage is higher than desk top usage and we all have services on our phones that make our lives so much easier.

A mobile application is software that is downloaded from an app store and runs on a mobile device. They range from tools, educational support, word searches, health, games, business services, banking, the list is endless.

It is a great way to create relationships and keep connected with customers, especially out of office hours. We always have our mobiles with us, so it gives a business the opportunity to provide services and connect directly with customers wherever they are and on the move.

How Applications can help your business?

1. Increase profits

There are so many promotions that can be carried out on applications via push notifications. Special offers, discount offers, two for one, loyalty cards (instead of sticking to the old point-collection card, making it possible for your customers to collect their rewards via your mobile app), VIP customer purchases and flash sale announcements.

It is another avenue to directly reach your customers and making it easier for them by making mobile payments and not having to come into the store.

2.  Improve Customer Engagement

An application provides another avenue for your customers to make direct contact with you. You may have a help desk or chat box feature that your customers can connect with.

It is saving time for loyal repeat customers as they do not need to go through search engines to find your details.

They help with administration, exchanging of files,  form filling and database updates that can then digitally be sent to you, saving on internal man hours.

Making appointments at restaurants, dentists, and hairdressers at a time that the customer finds convenient and not in specific business office hours hoping the phone is answered. This helps towards growing customer loyalty and staying closer to your customers.

3. Understand your customers

Mobile apps help you define your customers and target audiences. They collect a lot of information and you can use it to your advantage for more targeted campaigns. What gender uses your application more, what locations are more popular? What products/services do they engage with more? What functions do they use or not use?

Here we can monitor and adapt the application so we are improving it to get an even better user experience for the future.

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Affordable & Reliable Android Wear Apps Development

Over the past decade, consumers and SMBs are leveraging from millions of android apps. However, the trend is now shifting to the smart wearable. More and more businesses pertaining to the different sectors are now getting into the android wear apps development to expand their global reach. Being the latest buzz in the market, smartwatch apps development is enticing the businesses of all sizes to utilise it grow their business and get closer to their target audience.

Are you ready to extend your app to Android Wear smartwatch to reach your end-users no matter where they’re? If the answer is affirmative, Android Wear Apps Development Services from Wirefox  is all you need!!!

Being one of the first companies to dive into the android app development, Wirefox  has always been one step ahead when it comes to technology. When it comes to creating wearable apps, Wirefox believes that full customization is the only key to delivering best-in-class Android Wear Smartwatch apps.

We are an independent mobile UI & UX app development company

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Our Leading design and development applications team plan a customer journey at the planning stage so the end user had the best possible experience.


We keep up to date with the latest technologies and ensure the best platforms are used to build your application. We will find the best solution for your goal.


Once the application is live, we will constantly monitor, adapt and report. We ensure it is used effectively and your target audience is responding and using the application. We will feedback to you at every stage with any new ideas.

Expertly Crafted App Designs

Once we have taken a detailed brief from you our experienced team of UX/UI Designers and Developers will brainstorm and work to deliver successful applications with uniquely crafted features and precise, user-friendly products. This is exactly what you want from your App Development Company.

Strategic Insight

We build new businesses and transform existing ones. Clients have opened new revenue streams by launching applications and targeting new audiences. User centric research is key to how we work and helps ensure we get everything perfect for launch. The testing period is crucial where we ask several audiences what they feel and how they connect with the application.

Data-led Approach

Our UX and UI teams work with design and data insights. With this knowledge and there own years of experience they make informed decisions based on usability, scalability and engagement. The end result being a application that adds value to your potential users.

Good design is useful

You may have a unique idea but these Ideas need validation, nurturing and strategy. We achieve this through workshops, research, design and testing. We ensure the end user has the best experience possible and functionality is easy for them.

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